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Submitted on
October 3, 2012
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They all say to live in the moment
They all say to look forward to the future
But no one ever says to live in the past.
I suppose they have a good reason not to
The past is a place you were once in
And will never be in again.
The past is a place where poor souls go to find comfort
These poor souls find that their souls become poorer
Once they return to their poor present.
They are then left with a feeling of longing
A feeling of longing that nothing can satisfy
Nothing, other than their past.

I live in my past.
I gently swim in the contents of my mind
I swim in a place where I am engulfed by a sea of memories
Memories that give me feeling I once felt
Feelings I cannot feel today.
I love being in that sea.
I feel I belong in that sea.

I do not swim for long, though.
I wake up, far away from where I was a moment ago
My feelings of bliss are quickly replaced with depression
A depression brought from hopeless longing
And a feeling of misplacement.
The present is not something I can escape from for long.

I am one of these poor souls.

I am one of these poor souls
Lost in the sea of my mind
Lost, and not wanting to be found.
I am one of these poor souls
Not satisfied with the beauty
That is the present.
I am one of these poor souls
Who cannot come to terms with what I have
And will not.

Tonight is the night I let go of my past.
Let go of the moments that made me happy
Let go of the tempting sea I should not swim in
Let go of the places I will never enter again.
Tonight is the night
I let go of it all.
And start living in a place
Where I can finally
Live my life.

The time is now.
An important piece to me.
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